Natural Dyeing For Beginners

Learn how to start creating beautiful & sustainable textiles using natural ingredients you can find anywhere (and from the comfort of your home)!

Inside, you'll learn:


- The essential equipment you need to get started

- How to care for your naturally dyed fabrics to keep the colours bright and vivid

- The different types of fibres (plant & animal)

- What Mordants are and why you need them

- Different dyeing techniques 

- The best ingredients to start collecting (Psst, you’ll probably find some of these in your pantry!)

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Learn to dye with confidence & create unique textiles without the confusion and overwhelm.

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Natural dyeing is a beautiful, sustainable process that lets you breathe new life into clothes, create unique textiles, and reconnect with nature


When you know how natural dyes work, suddenly almost anything you find in the environment can be used to transform old tees or stained sheets into something new & fashionable again -- without harming the earth!

But even though you’ve heard natural dyeing is supposed to be a magical process… your experience may have been anything but.

  • You’re overwhelmed by all the dyeing books & resources out there and you have no clue where to start 

  • You don’t know where to find the right materials or ingredients (that don’t cost an arm and a leg)

  • You can’t get your head around all the science and chemistry of it all (like, what the hell is a mordant and how do you use it?)

  • You keep getting unpredictable results and blotchy fabrics that look NOTHING like the glossy pictures online (and you feel utterly defeated in the process)

  • You’re scared the vivid colours are going to fade or wash-out (and making all your hard work count for nothing)

And I get it. 

You see, natural dyeing can be really confusing (and downright frustrating) if you don’t know how to choose the best ingredients for your project.

It’s kind of like cooking - add too much of the wrong ingredient and not enough of another, and suddenly you end up with a bland and soggy dish (bleh). 

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place....

Hey! I’m Katie Wilkins, the founder of Studio Tinta and a natural dye-lover!

When I first stumbled across the process of natural dyeing, I was blown away to discover that the things I once considered to be “waste” (like brown onion skins and wilted flowers) could create beautiful, vivid patterns.

I was yearning for a creative outlet, and I fell in love with the idea that anything from my backyard or kitchen could be used to update my wardrobe or create stunning gifts.

I wish I could say I started producing gorgeous textiles immediately.

But, honestly, my first trials were a nightmare!

I’d spend hours boiling rose petals and soaking cotton, only to pull it out and see brown, muddy splotches across the fabric. 

I’d read endless articles on natural dyeing, only to get even more confused because they all had different instructions. 

And I still remember the intense disappointments and frustration I’d feel whenever I followed a recipe, only to end up creating ugly fabrics that looked nothing like the pictures!

A part of me was tempted to give up (hey, I’m only human).

But the more time I spent collecting natural materials and attempting to create colours, the more joy and connection I felt with the natural world. 

So I just kept dyeing and dyeing until I worked our what worked and what didn't. 

And eventually I was able to create (and even sell-out!) my own naturally dyed products through Studio Tinta.

(My work has even featured in Frankie, Broadsheet, Peppermint Magazine, ABC radio, Finders Keepers & the Frankie Good Stuff Awards).

Now, I want to teach you the skills you need to turn everyday, natural materials into incredible creations you can treasure forever. 



The easy-to-follow,
natural dyeing course for creators, designers, and upcyclers who want to dye with confidence.

Learn the easy-to-understand instructions you need to transform blank materials and natural ingredients into wearable works of art and create your own recipes.

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Natural Dye School is designed to help you save time and effort so you can get straight to creating stunning textiles with natural materials

While some other resources are filled with overwhelming chemistry terms and technical jargon that stop you from getting started - 

I’m giving you the easy-to-follow steps & practical knowledge you need to learn HOW to use the different ingredients and materials so you can take action. 

Because once you truly understand the theory behind the natural dyeing process & the ingredients you’re using, you’ll be able to confidently experiment and create your own sustainable textiles for ANYTHING.

In Natural Dye School, you will learn how to:


  • Find the exact materials & equipment you need to get started (without breaking the bank)
  • Choose the best fabric for your dye 
  • Extract colours from natural materials using a hot water dye bath 
  • Bundle-dye your fabrics to create unique, patterned designs you can’t find anywhere else
  • Use mordants effectively with different types of fabrics to get the best results
  • Magically shift colours with modifiers to achieve the look you’ve always wanted 
  • Find the most effective & long-lasting dyes
  • Use what you have in your kitchen & backyard (so you’re not constantly spending money)
  • Source natural dyes that you can’t find in your area
  • Troubleshoot and “fix” your fabrics when things don’t work out
  • Recreate ALL of Studio Tinta’s archive of designs (yep, I’m giving you access to every single one of my recipes)
  • Experiment and create your OWN recipes

And just to be clear, here’s what you get the INSTANT you join Natural Dye School:

4 x Engaging Video Tutorials on the Natural Dyeing Process

These videos demonstrate the process behind natural dyeing so you’ll know exactly what you need to do to create your very own plant dyed patterns. Once you’ve understood the basics and mastered the foundation, you’ll be able to confidently experiment and create your very own processes and recipes.

Access to Studio Tinta’s ENTIRE Colour Catalogue

This book contains ALL 40+ recipes I use to create my sell-out colours & patterns for Studio Tinta so you don’t have to start from scratch. It breaks down the exact ingredients I used, my process, and my secret tips on how I achieve each colour. So if you’ve ever looked at a design in my store and dreamed of recreating it - now, you can!

Natural Dye School Workbook 

Over 70 pages explaining natural dyeing, everything I cover in the videos, and so much more! I know people like to learn in different ways, so I created this printable, text-based resource you can use to browse, annotate, and easily reference when you’re in your kitchen, backyard or studio. Consider this your go-to resource anytime you want to dye something! 

Plant Dye Diary  (i.e. your personal Colour Catalogue)

This printable diary is for you to record the amazing patterns you create and the exact process you used so you’ll know exactly what to do (and what not to do) for next time. Think of this as your very own recipe book! It’s yours to print out, scribble on, and stick your fabric swatches in! 

With Natural Dye School at your fingertips, you’ll be:


  • So confident in the natural dyeing process you’ll feel like you can create your own recipes and dye designs you love 
  • Dyeing way more efficiently because you’ll know exactly where to start and what ingredients to use
  • Inspired to have fun and experiment with all the different ingredients & colours
  • Creating one-of-a-kind fabrics for sewing and craft projects 
  • Upcycling old clothes and extending the life of your wardrobe (hello new designs!)
  • Able to repurpose household waste into gifts for your friends, family, and yourself! 
  • Forever collecting leaves, flowers, and onion skins and dreaming up new colours
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Natural Dye School is perfect for you if:


✓ You’re a beginner who wants to learn how to start natural dyeing (or you've already tried with disappointing results)

✓ You love the process of experimenting and using natural materials

✓ You want to breathe new life into your clothes in a way that’s safe for the environment

✓ You want to create unique textile designs for pretty much everything (clothes, pillows, curtains, you name it!)

Natural Dye School is not perfect for you if:


X You’re an experienced dyer looking to advance on your existing skills and techniques

X You want a comprehensive deep-dive of the chemistry behind natural dyeing (we'll cover the basics like how to change pH, fibre types and mordants)

X You’re already a pro at successfully dyeing with plants (go you!)

Sound like the kind of course you've been looking for?

Payment plan


3 monthly payments

  • 4 x video tutorials
  • Natural Dye School Workbook
  • Colour Catalogue
  • Dye Diary
  • Dye Dictionary
  • Instructions for using mordants
  • Step-by-step dyeing instructions for bundle-dyeing
  • Step-by-step instructions for making a dye bath
  • How to dye on plant & protein fibres
  • Troubleshooting your results
  • BONUS: Painting with Mordants ebook
  • BONUS: Natural Colour Activities for Kids ebook
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Pay in full


One payment

  • 4 x video tutorials
  • Natural Dye School Workbook
  • Colour Catalogue
  • Dye Diary
  • Dye Dictionary
  • Instructions for using mordants
  • Step-by-step dyeing instructions for bundle-dyeing
  • Step-by-step instructions for making a dye bath
  • How to dye on plant & protein fibres
  • Troubleshooting your results
  • BONUS: Painting with Mordants ebook
  • BONUS: Natural Colour Activities for Kids ebook
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Above all, here’s why I really want to make natural dyeing easy for you:


I want you to embrace the joy that comes with getting your hands dirty and immersing yourself in your craft. 

I want you to pick up your perfectly dyed fabric and feel a rush of accomplishment because you created something beautiful from scratch.

I want you to be able to upcycle your wardrobe and wear unique prints that literally no one else but you has (and not feel guilty for buying into fast fashion). 

I want you to fall in love with experimenting with natural resources and feel confident to create your own processes and recipes. 

So, what do you say? 

Ready to start natural dyeing and create something unique for yourself? 

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